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Kojic acid cream has been used by Asians and it has been proven effective and safe for lightening dark pigmentation spots and skin discoloration for all types of complexions.

It evens out the skin, lightens it and acts as a skin tone balancer.

Kojic acid, along with vitamin C, lactic acid, licorice root and other essential oils, can be made into a non-oily light cream formula. This combination of kojic acid can penetrate the epidermis of the skin and acts on the melanocytes from there.

When used on a regular basis, kojic acid cream acts the best. As long as the cream is being used, its effects will last as long as it was used. The product can be used and is effective for any skin type but keep in mind that the results will depend on the skin type. This cream possesses antioxidant properties, is natural and completely safe to use. Kojic acid cream is a natural solution to lighten the skin.

Kojic acid cream is a skin lightener that aids in the removal of freckles, pimples, blemishes, dark spots, sun spots and stretch marks. This cream contains mushroom extract and this helps in exfoliating the skin and slowly lightening the dark spots and pigmentation. Kojic cream is used by many Asian women and men, making their skin vibrant and soft. This cream can be used not only in the face but also in the other parts of the body such as hands, neck and areas affected with abnormal pigmentation, resulting to an even skin tone.

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Kojic acid cream may be used to inhibit the appearance of:

  1. Birthmarks – have two types: hemangiomas and port-wine stains. A cluster or pigment cells which cause dark color to the skin are called pigmented birthmarks.
  2. Freckles  – are tanned, circular and flat spots that are usually the size of an iron nail. These spots are due to an elevated amount of melanin, which is a dark-colored pigment, and not due to an elevated number of melanocytes, which are the cells that produce melanin.
  3. Sun spots  – long term exposure to sunlight results to the appearance of sun spots, known as age spots, liver spots or senile lentigines to others. These patches appear on those areas of the body which are usually the hands, arms and face. These spots are unattractive, appear along with other conditions such as wrinkles and rough skin, but, on the good side, are benign in nature.
  4. Melasma  – Melasma results from overproduction of melanin from melanocytes. This causes darkening of the skin and it is larger compared to freckles. This may occur due to prolonged exposure to the sun and also hypersensitivity to sunlight.
  5. Chloasma – The mask of pregnancy. During pregnancy, women have increased levels of estrogen, progesterone, and melanocyte-stimulating hormones during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. In here, increase in progesterone darkens the skin of the woman, and this is termed as the mask of pregnancy.
  6. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – Excess pigmentation of the skin caused by a collection of various disorders and diseases that affect the skin such as allergic reactions, injuries from accidents, medication reactions, infections, trauma from burns, and diseases that include inflammation such as lichen planus.
  7. Dark elbows and knees – due to friction, elbows and knees get damaged often and darken.
  8. Acne scars and old scars – scars from acne and those from mechanical injuries such as cuts, abrasions, and others.

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