How to Not Feel Stressed and Not be Bothered with Pimples?

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Okay, so again I have stumbled to an article titled : Skin care: How stress affects acne? it goes a little something like this…

Acne is one skin aliment that will give you sleepless nights. It doesn’t make for a very good ‘close-up pic’ for Facebook and becomes a bother when you’re dressing up for that important social event. However, stressing over acne will only amplify the skin problem. Yes it’s true, stress can affect acne.

Acne is a thousands of years old skin problem and it has been a pain in the butt to people and NO ONE has escaped it! It is like a cancer but not deadly and can be cured actually, hepatitis without immunization to completely prevent it, it is not also an epidemic but it terrorizes everyone! Why? because it damages our perfect skin, once you had it, it may not remain as a red bump but it will certainly leave a mark. Before, people only experience it at age 15 and so on but with the vast environmental problems these days kids at age 11 can get pimples. Result of this? Scars will start to tamper their confidence even before they start wearing make-ups or reach adolescence. Hence it is a painful stress for everyone!

But as this great article is saying, don’t be bothered on it too much as it will only worsen the situation, instead you can start preventing them but it will be an everyday routine and you shouldn’t be tired of doing. Acne will forever and will never be tired of haunting people especially teenagers. A good routine should be cleansing, curing, and protecting your skin. Washing your face with gentle but tough anti-bacterial soap such as Kojic Acid Soap or Papaya Soap which both has food grade anti-bacterial properties ensuring no harm to even the most sensitive skin types. This will let you relax and just use the product without even thinking if it might cause allergies on your skin.

As for a curing agent Niacinamide based products like NiaSerum or Acnessential by Ironpower has anti-inflammatory properties that keeps the bumps and redness away, they are also great as moisturizers as the Vitamin B3 in these products will help your skin produce more moisture and regenerate faster.

With this combination, as the soap and the cream both have gentle exfoliating and lightening powers, blemishes on the skin will soon be gone and will completely heal your damaged skin revealing soft, rejuvenated young skin as always.

Don’t be stressed, relaxed and let these products worry for your skin.

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