More Benefits of Using Placenta Cream

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“Placentas are full of nutrients; it is thought that because the placenta has so many powerful life-supporting nutrients, the cream is one of the most naturally replenishing, beneficial beauty products.”

People have resort to different treatments in their pursuit of beauty and youthfulness. One of the latest craze embraced by different celebrities is the use of placenta cream.

The main benefit of the Placenta cream is the increase of youthful appearance as the placenta cream stimulates the renewal of old cells (as we grow older, the renewal of skin is definitely slower).

Actually the use of placenta has been around for years, it first started as an injection during the 1930’s and due to its replenishing and nourishing effect, it is now used as a cream and is even widely advertise by some celebrities.

I use Cai Mei Placenta Cream when my skin started to show the strain of lifestyle and yes ageing. And true enough, after several use, skin started to turn into the youthful glow.

Cai Mei Placenta Cream is made from sheep’s placenta that is known for the high amount of nutrients and great immune systems.

Placenta Cream Benefits are:

  • Dry skin no more– revives the skin by hydrating it.
  • Increases skin’s  elasticity and brings back the skin’s firmness
  • Vibrant and glowing complexion
  • Lessens the appearance of wrinkles
  • Events out skin tone and has some whitening properties
  • Can serve as a makeup base to protect the skin from the effect of regular make up use.
  • Extra moisturizer that keeps the skin soft and silky.
  • Safe to use and guaranteed no side effects

Cai Mei Placenta Cream is the only beauty regimen that you need to bring back your youthfulness! An instant face lift to ward of 10 years of your age plus its affordable too!


Nourish your skin by renewing your old skin cells by Cai Mei Placenta Cream.


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