NiaSerum – Best Moisturizer for Men!

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Who said that men are not conscious with their appearance? With every dash of gray hairs, the dreaded thinning hair, every ounce of extra belly fats matched with the crow feet on your eyes, men are being stressed out too! Not all men are George Clooney who looks better with added years plus the pressure of media on looking good is starting to get into them (see the increasing beauty commercials for men? Or spa treatments specially made for men? Definite evidence of men’s clamor for physical perfection!)

“All too often people find that the age of 40 seems to imply that you need to resign to being “old” or “over the hill”. When the media declared to women that 40 was the new 20, men now feel the need to recapture that feeling of being 20 as well “

Tips on How to Reverse the Signs of Aging:

  • Use sun block/UV protection –actually it doesn’t matter what age you’re in or whether you’re a male or female, this is must to protect the skin against sun’s damaging rays
  • Good posture! Stand and sit tall.
  • Exercise and eat healthy- a bulging stomach and loose muscles are definitely signs of aging, so exercise for good health and eliminate those tell-tale signs.
  • Do something about the thinning hair- either consult a hair expert, ask your barber on “styles” to hide them or even resort to artificial hair UNLESS you can sport a sexy bald!
  • Get rid of oldy glasses and resort to younger style that will frame your eyes.
  • Exfoliate the skin and moisturize- yes, it has to be done to maintain a fresh looking skin.

What about those wrinkles? My suggestion is to use the best moisturizer for men. A lot of my guy friends and my husband use NiaSerum now that made them look 10 or more years younger!


That’s right, an anti-aging serum that works. NiaSerum is formed from natural vitamin B3. Niacinamide reduces fine lines and wrinkles. To further support this (aside from thousands of satisfied users) a recent study was made that shows Niacinamide increase skin’s production of ceramides — ceramides protect your skin against moisture loss which leads to aging.

Age spots/sun spots and other skin discoloration that comes with aging is also treated by using this wonder product as it helps fade out hyperpigmentation.

Improve skin elasticity and reduce the signs of aging through NiaSerum combined with an active and healthy lifestyle, looking old will be a thing of the past!

About the author

My name is Martina Gerste, and I'm passionate about skin care. I love researching, testing, and writing about skin lightening and whitening, fading freckles, age spots and other hyperpigmentation. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via our main website contact form. And please like us on Facebook!

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