Using Skin Lightening Soap Without Hydroquinone, Purely Natural!

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If you find yourself embarrassed, conscious or not confident about your dark skin tone, then do something about it. Skin whitening is not only about society’s and media equating lighter skin tone to beauty but it is also about feeling good about yourself.

Well looking good and feeling good should also not be necessarily about spending tons of hard earned money, but it should be about finding a quality product that will suit your budget and needs.

You can go for the skin peeling or bleaching treatments, venture in oral whitening capsules but why not try using whitening soaps? Probably the most basic and inexpensive whitening product that you can use every day.


“Skin-whitening soap is popular among those who wish to achieve lighter, clear skin. It can help minimize dark spots on skin due to sun damage, acne or scars.”

Skin lightening soaps are perfect as you can just insert it on your daily bath routine or totally replace your regular bath soap and not harsh compared to other skin whitening treatments. The fear of using hydroquinone based products is the main reason why most people feel skeptical about the whole idea of lightening or erasing skin marks.

I am an advocate of using skin lightening soaps and is actually joggling between a number of products. I use Papaya Soap  Kojic Acid, Bleaching and my newest Arbutin Soap alternately and I have never been happier with my skin! Don’t get me wrong, I am not a soap addict but I am a an aficionado for beautiful skin. The urge of doing this in a pure natural non- abrasive way drives me to seek and experiment on new plant and organic based methods.

I use Papaya Soap regularly for my now lighter skin maintenance. It also removed my open pore problem and oily skin. My skin is definitely fairer, smoother and more youthful together with the other natural things I use to maintain it.!

During the” breakouts” moment like when I’m stressed out or is having my period, I use Kojic Acid Soap  , this is also the first soap that I have used and when I was  satisfied with my skin tone and vanishing dark spots in the knees and elbows, I switched to Papaya Soap. The main difference is that Kojic Acid Soap is a bit stronger and has more active but natural ingredients.

AND NOW! Arbutin Soap, a new discovery which I found has exceptional whitening powers that helped me solve my mom’s and other people’s problem when it comes to lightening dark spots. People who have usual allergies on creams can use this soap instead. This soap is very good on hidden areas such as bikini lines, armpits and also on hard to lighten spots like elbows, knees and under eye spots and skin blemishes.

Papaya Soap – the infamous Papaya soap has papein which is known for its lightening properties. It also exfoliates the skin revealing a newer and lighter skin. Plus it is known to soften the skin.

Kojic Acid Soap – derived from a mushroom extract, it exfoliates the skin and slowly removes dark pigmentation by removing dead skin cells. It can be use all over and can remove birthmarks, freckles, sun spots, old acne scars and more!

Arbutin Soap – this soap has Arbutin which came from wheat, pears and bearberry plant that naturally prevent the production of melanin in the skin. This prevents hyperpigmentation which is triggered easily through heat, and abrasion to the skin and even our everyday soap can cause it with its unknown active cleaning ingredients. This soap however, reduces the formation, being natural there is nothing to harm the skin too. It has moisturizers that keeps the skin hydrated hence wrinkle formation is also prevented.


You can use this combo or choose from one of these amazing skin lightening soaps and you’ll definitely achieve the skin tone that you desire! Why am I saying this? Using different soaps with different formulation helps your skin more responsive to its effects. It is scientifically proven that our skin adapts and develops natural tolerance to certain compounds making it resistant to the effects, a gradual change is needed to fully enjoy the effects continuously.

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