Halloween Gift Ideas – Skin Whitening Soap Treats!

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Yeah! It’s Halloween! While moms and their kids are preparing some “trick or treat” costumes and all the fancy things to make it more festive,  Kojic Acid Soap has put together 3 of its best sellers in a super saver package as a treat for its loyal and first time customers!

We have put together 3 of our best seller soaps for you to indulge and enjoy the effects! Unlike our Buy 1 take 1 promo, you get the opportunity to try out 3 different whitening soaps for only $15 – a value of almost $30. Save $15 and get yourself a Halloween Skin Whitening Treat you truly deserve!

Okay! So what’s in this package you ask?


Kojic Acid Soap – A safe skin whitening soap discovered and used by the Japanese for years now. Kojic Acid, also considered a food grade but very powerful skin lightening agent turned into a soap for safe daily skin whitening maintenance by most Asians!



Papaya Herbal Soap – This soap has been used by Asians to maintain a pimple free, moisturized and fair skin. This soap is trusted to be a gentle micro peeling soap for the face to get rid of those black spots left by pimples and preventing them from coming back. Plus the thought that it is herbal, you just can’t go wrong with it.




Bleaching Soap – This soap is used for those stubborn dark spots like elbows, knees, armpits, neck and bikini line. Also the amazing peeling power of this soap helps the skin rejuvenate and reveal a fairer, soft new layer of the skin!


See? Getting an even, fair and glowing skin this Halloween is easy! And who said only kids get to have some treats?!

Click here to get this Halloween Skin Whitening Treat – a triple skin whitening power that will scare all your skin issues away! Give your skin a nice treat and trick those dark spots, acne and uneven tone away!


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