Who Uses Placenta Cream for Face? – Eva Longoria and Madonna?!

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I have recently read an article about looking young in Hollywood, from plastic surgery , Botox, to using “weird” products like sheep’s placenta ( yes the thought of me smearing my face with this ingredient makes me feel a bit uncomfortable).  Eva Langoria – the hottie in Desperate Housewives and Madonna are definitely using this product to stop AGEING and retain their youthful appearance. So yes, that got me more curious, and based on my research:

“Placenta cream, an anti-aging topical, develops from sheep placenta cells. The placenta, an internal organ that nourishes the fetus in the womb, is valued for its high nutritional content. Placenta cream has been celebrated for years by the wealthy and celebrities alike for its ability to rejuvenate skin tissue and restore a youthful luster to your appearance. For years, people such as Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and Charlie Chaplin have used creams made from sheep placenta.”

Then the next step is to try it, hoping that the effect on celebs will rub off on me and reverse my dull, dry and sadly aging skin. A friend whom I noticed was sporting a more youthful appearance told me to use this facial cream and to my amazement it’s a placenta cream too!

And yes I bought one (and now you are lucky to get another cream for free! But lets get into that later) With regular usage, my skin was definitely rejuvenated, fine lines and wrinkles started to disappear plus my dull and dry skin was then changed to a rosy healthy complexion! The thing that makes Cai Mei Placenta Cream effective is that it revitalizes skin cells and encourages the production of new healthy skin cells which brings back the firmness and youthful look that your skin had when you were younger.

Placenta Cream

Pink Placenta Cream for Face


Cai Mei Placenta Cream is from a sheep’s placenta (known for the high amount of nutrients and great immune systems), aside from making your skin radiant and firm due to the healthy new cells, it also has whitening properties than even out skin tone, extra moisturization effect that makes skin soft and supple and can be used as a protective layer, so even if your skin is constantly expose to make up it stays healthy.

Get younger, radiant looking skin for a fraction of the price with Cai Mei Placenta Cream!

I’m happy with it and my husband notices it too! Buy now and reverse skin ageing!


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