Super Skin Lightener for Men

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“Men encounter skin problems and need solutions as much as women. Men can often hide skin problems under beards and moustaches, but once removed, problems reveal themselves in all their unwanted glory. Dark blotches caused by sun damage, freckles or age can affect men, and because their skin is different, men need more manly solutions.”

Yes that’s right men also have skin problems and whitening issues! This topic might have been a taboo in the past years (since it might not be so “manly” to be interested in beautifying the skin) but this notion has changed and more and more men are open and is exploring the world of beauty particularly in having a blemish free and lighter skin.

So before venturing of beauty treatment and skin whitening for guys, you must know this MALE SKIN IS DIFFERENT FROM FEMALE SKIN.

Fact: Male Skin is 25% thicker than female skin. This means that your whitening skin care approach and product should be different! Stop using products just because your mom, sister or partner uses it. Find the right product for your skin type.

Of course we all know that men don’t want fussy steps in their skin regimen. So here is a super skin lightener suitable for men–Premium Kojic Glutathione Soap.

This product is most potent and effective whitening combination of Kojic and Glutathione that results to an even out skin tone, reduced discoloration and gives a youthful appearance!

Premium Kojic-Glutathione  SoapKojic –is a mushroom derivative that is known to lighten hyperpigmentation and darks spots while Gluthathione has skin cell rejuvenation properties. The combined extract guarantees to make skin whiter and younger.  Plus it also has antibacterial properties that remove pimples not just erasing pimple scars.

Kojic Glutathione Soap is designed not to have any overpowering womanly floral scent so that can be used by men.  Along with its butterscotch scent (don’t laugh! WOMEN loved Axe’s CHOCOLATE scent!) is it’s undeniable impact on reversing skin damaged by sun and pollutants.

Aside from your “drinking lots of water”, avoiding too much exposure to sun and taking vitamins add Premium Kojic Glutathione Soap to this easy skin care tips. Just use regularly and it is guaranteed that your appearance will definitely improve and of course will attract the opposite sex!

Premium Kojic Glutathione the super skin lightener for men!

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