Effective Skin Whitening Product for All Skin Types – Kojic Acid Soap and Cream

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“Everyone’s dream is to have a smooth complexion with zero blemishes! Well, some individuals aren’t as lucky and have to rely on numerous skin lightening products that help to lighten one’s skin tone evenly. There are hardly a few skin products that live up to their promises, even though all these products promise super results within a few weeks and some others within days! “


In this society, whiter and clearer skin is one of the main beauty goals for women (and now even for men!). Hundreds of products have emerged promising fast skin whitening results. From soaps, creams, facial cleanser, masks and even costly treatments like chemical peels, bleaching and more.

With this, countless of women have fallen into the trap of these products and treatments especially the ones with attractive advertisements and marketing campaigns. A lot of promises like “be whiter in a day”  and more have proven to be false and have even resulted to skin damage.

Since I don’t want to fall into the trap, I have done my “homework” and have researched for the right product for me.  After finding the right product for me, I have also combined this to old age advice/facts for healthier skin like avoiding the sun, using sun block, drinking a lot of water, taking vitamins and even slathering some natural DIY facial masks like the ones in the article.

Now you may be wondering why I use assorted natural skin whitening products. It is true that I have spent years in trying to figure out what’s hot and not in skin beautification but there are also some limitations, not with the product but with the natural response of our skin to various substances. I know it is getting interesting to know why, which i will be explaining in the next couple of posts so stay connected. 🙂

Kojic Acid Cream 10gms.

The main product that I am using now and is definitely effective and lives up to its promise is Kojic Acid Cream (I am also using Kojic Acid Soap for more double or faster effect)

Kojic Acid Cream has anti oxidant properties and is a natural solution to lighten skin, remove dark spots and other skin discolorations. This cream is for all types of complexion so this is actually ideal not only for Asian skin.

This skin lightening cream aids in the removal of freckles, dark spots, blemishes, sun spots and even fades stretch marks!

Since this contains mushroom extract, it exfoliates the skin and slowly lightens dark spots and pigmentation (Kojic Acid Skin Soap should be use regularly to see the whitening effect and does not promise over night result). It is safe since and proven to make the skin vibrant and soft. Use it not only on your face but for other parts of the body like neck, knee, elbows and other areas affected with abnormal pigmentation.

Use Kojic Acid Cream! Works wonders on my skin—choose to be whiter, choose to have a silkier and blemish free skin with Kojic Acid Cream!

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