Papaya Soap – Natural Skin Lightening for Women & Men

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Admittedly, a lighter and glowing skin is a must have beauty essential especially in Asian,Indian and African society. The term “black is beautiful” is probably a thing of the past and a lot of women (even men) are embracing the beauty in having lighter skin (Though I would like to stress that if you are comfortable and you feel beautiful on having a darker skin then good for you! ). But for most of us, altering our skin color is a CHOICE plus it is a self esteem booster and a way to become more attractive to the opposite sex.

In years of my search for the perfect product, trying chemical skin peeling, bleaching agents and even venturing to the expensive glutathione shots and whitening pills, I found out that I have a healthier and not less effective course. Skin lightening in an all natural product!

Why Go Natural?

  • My main reason: Whatever we put on our skin enters the body through our pores, and then travels through the entire body by means of the circulatory system (remember our skin is the largest organ and is a gateway to our blood stream!). Meaning, if we put skin lightening products that are chemically laden, we are potentially introducing harm in our inside since it will be absorb in our blood stream. It is just the same as watching what we eat. Safety first girls!
  • You can avoid irritating your skin- some skin lightening products have harsh chemicals, coloring etc which can irritate the skin and produce irritation and breakouts! We don’t want to risk this right?
  • It is actually less expensive but is equally or more effective!

What Product is all Natural and Effective for Skin Lightening?

I recommend the beauty in embracing an all natural product through a Papaya Soap!

Papaya Soap’s main ingredient is of course Papaya Fruit (papein). The papaya provides many important vitamins that the body needs which includes vitamin A, several B vitamins and vitamin C and it is a known ingredient that effectively lightens skin.

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Benefits of Papaya Soap:

  • Papaya Soap for Dark Spots and Skin Whitening- this is of course a famous attribute of Papaya. With papaya soap, dark spots will disappear in just a few weeks, it can also reduce the production of melanin plus it also evens out skin tone. Perfect for those dark elbows and knees!
  • Papaya Soap for Acne and Skin Exfoliation- promotes the removal of dead skin. Exfoliation is also important so that no foreign elements like dirt and dust particles are trapped in your skin which can cause pimples and blackheads.  Through daily use of papaya soap, Acne and scars will be minimized and you’ll exfoliate your skin making it softer, whiter and pimple free.
  • Leaves your Skin Healthy and Smooth- An effective treatment for dryness and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Papaya Soap Heals Acne and Pimple Scars- unclog pores that have been backed up by dead skin cells and over production of sebum – the natural oil that our skin secretes. Pimples appear when dead skin and sebum are not immediately washed away. So regular use of the Papaya Soap will help prevent break outs.
  • Relieves Pain from Insect Bites- papain enzyme can breakdown proteins and the toxins left by an insect bite. You can use Papaya Soap especially if medical creams are not available.
  • Removes Stains- The ability to breakdown proteins is also a great benefit when it comes to getting rid of certain stains on clothes and fabrics. Heavy, protein-based stains like blood can be easily removed from fabrics if washed with papaya soap.

Papaya Soap is indeed an effective all natural skin lightening product!

A piece of advice:

“Complement a papaya regimen with other nutrients and ways to protect your skin, such as moisturizers and sunscreen. Regular care, maintenance and a good hygiene are components of naturally beautiful skin.

Enjoy your lighter and glowing skin through Papaya Soap and enjoy a more confident and beautiful you!

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