Best Skin Lightening Home Remedies – Papaya Natural Facial Mask

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I have come across an article about the wonders of using Papaya in different ways:

“Nutrient-rich fruits are a great part of a healthy diet for your skin, but you can also use them as topical treatments for healthier skin. Have you ever thought of using papaya on skin? “

Why not right? Fruits nourishes our body in the inside, it provides vitamins that would not only make us healthy but improves our appearance as well.

The article presented Papaya not only as a healthy fruit packed with our body’s much needed supplements but it also introduced ways on how Papaya can be of benefit to our skin.

First, as an “Easy Papaya Food Facial”– after enjoying a refreshing Papaya smoothie, you can use it as a facial! Very easy to do, no other ingredient required, just rub in circular motion for 30 seconds to exfoliate and soften the skin then rinse with warm water and slather a moisturizing cream finish—just a quick easy DIY steps  to rejuvenate your skin!

Second, as a Papaya and Honey Mask—this treatment according to the article is great for dry and mature skin!  Just mix ½ cup of fresh papaya. Three table spoon of honey in a blender for 30 seconds (you can also use plain yoghurt in place of honey) then spread the mixture over you face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water! Easy steps for a spa like treatment that will leave your skin silky smooth!

Now I will introduce another use of Papaya for the skin, Papaya Soap for skin lightening!  Choosing soap with Papaya as its main active ingredient will definitely harvest you loads of skin benefits! Why?

Papaya is rich with Papein , an enzyme that is proven to effectively lighten the skin and makes it smoother.  Plus it is also packed with anti oxidants that protect our skin cells.                                                                Papaya Herbal Soap – Get It Here

Benefits of Using Papaya Soap:

  • Exfoliates the skin—removing the dead skin layers that lead into revealing a lighter complexion and smoother skin.
  • Aside from skin lightening, it improves the skin firmness and overall skin health. Plus it also evens out skin tone and minimizes unsightly freckles and rashes.
  • It is the most affordable solution for skin problems like acne and dark spots!

Papaya is indeed a super fruit for your skin! Your all natural product with loads of skin benefits!  Use it as a facial regimen, a mask and now in Papaya Soap for your daily skin care lightening product!

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