Skin Lightening – Is Papaya the Best Skin Whitening Product?

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This isn’t exactly a new skin lightening hype that celebrities are endorsing and the mass is clamoring about, this whitening product is an open-secret that is proven to be effective (and is here to stay) for many years now. The all natural Papaya Soap!

I have tried using a lot of bleaching soaps, skin lightening facials and treatments and even went through the costly skin peels to reach my desired skin color. I have actually already tried and was happy about using Papaya Soap before since it was recommended by my Mom; however I was egged by my friends (and other celebrity advertisements) to try using other products and skin lightening treatments. I was convinced that maybe venturing into more “expensive” products and treatments will fast-tracked my whitening quest.

Well, I was mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, the treatments and expensive skin lightening products have actually produced a difference in my skin tone, HOWEVER my poor pocket is actually pretty much broke! Mind you, these are not one time only treatment, sessions plus maintenance products are actually quite heavy financially (plus it is not a no-pain experience, quite stingy in the skin actually).  BUT this scenario have been buried under the ground and a thing of the past that has helped me to become the expert that I am now today on organic non-abrasive skin beautification products and now am sharing it all to you!

So now I’m back to the basics with my skin lightening products and got reacquainted with the good old and effective Papaya Soap! (Regret on switching is definitely running through my veins right now!)
Okay. Let’s run a recap on the well known Papaya product secret:
• Papayas are packed with all natural vitamins, minerals and organic compounds that enrich the skin and provide its much needed nutrients.
• Papaya whitening soap is also a great exfoliant. This is because papaya naturally contains papain enzymes which can effectively remove dead skin cells to reveal new ones.
• Reveals a lighter skin – it does not only remove dead skin cells cut it also lightens and evens out your skin complexion. Through regular use, papaya soap can help you lighten dark spots on your face caused by acne scars. It is also effective in minimizing unsightly freckles and rashes on your face and body.
• Healthy glowing skin- Papaya Soap is all natural, no harsh chemicals that can damage or irritate our skin. Papaya soap is also mild on the skin leaving it clean and soft. Additionally, because it’s all natural, it can be used by virtually anybody.

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Together with using this wonder product, avoid prolong exposure to sun, use sun block and moisturizer, a good dose of Vit C and E will also help in achieving a not only lighter skin but a healthier one!

Remember, skin lightening products or other beauty enhancing products need not to be expensive to be effective. Choose quality natural products that are proven to be mild (chemical free), safe and effective. BE WISE! CHOOSE PAPAYA SOAP!

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