Lighter Skin, No Dark Spots or Any Skin Hyperpigmentation;The perfect skin. Who wouldn’t want this right?

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“More than a great wardrobe or a skilled hand with make-up, healthy glowing skin  is the key to turning heads.”

Lighter skin, no dark spots or any skin hyperpigmentation, no pimples or traces of acne, smooth and glowing skin.


Papaya Benefits:

  • Powerful exfoliating properties (removes dead skin cells)
  • Contains papain-an enzyme that helps make skin lighter and softer.
  • Papaya is rich in vitamins A, E and C, and other anti-oxidants –gives moisture and protection for the skin
  • Refreshes skin – does not leave any residue
  • All natural- can be use by anyone!
  • Heals acne and lightens pimple scar


Kojic Acid Benefits:

  • Skin lightening agent
  • Reduces age spots
  • Removes pimples, dark spots, sun spots, freckles, blemishes, even stretch marks.
  • Kojic Acid has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Evens out skin tone


Now imagine combining this two ingredients and harvesting the best of this mixed combination. Sounds good right? And what if I tell you that this has been done and is now serving countless of women searching for the right soap to answer to all skin problems?


Yes, now out in the market—Papaya Kojic Acid Soap

Combining the benefits of Papaya (Papein) and Kojic Acid (from mushrooms found in Japan) = Papaya Kojic Soap . These ingredients, when combined, provide nourishment to the skin and can also provide a micro-exfoliation effect on the skin.

While lightening, Papaya Kojic Acid Soap also exfoliates the skin, and then removes excess oil and dirt, thus, preventing the appearance of pimples. Perfect to use even in tropical countries (use with a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher with protection against UVA.

How to use Papaya Kojic Soap EFFECTIVELY!

  •  While using this product, use moisturizers, a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher with protection against UVA, to speed up the lightening process.
  • Wash the skin areas that are being lightened 2 times a day (You can use it on the arms, elbows, knees and face twice a day. )
  • If use in face, let the soap lather sit on to the face for 2 minutes then wash it off. Continue doing this for the first week. After the skin starts peeling, decrease the frequency of using the soap.

Papaya Kojic Acid Soap is guaranteed to lighten up the skin, removes dark spots and blemishes, prevents pimples, improves skin tone and makes your skin pinkish and radiant! Perfect skin is now certainly attainable!

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My name is Martina Gerste, and I'm passionate about skin care. I love researching, testing, and writing about skin lightening and whitening, fading freckles, age spots and other hyperpigmentation. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via our main website contact form. And please like us on Facebook!

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