Beyonce Skin Lightening Cream – What Does She Use? Could it be a Soap?

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Well now you can take this either positively or negatively, probably depending on the extent of your interest or knowledge on the recent “scandal” involving Beyoncé (femme fatale, successful black diva extraordinaire, Grammy winner and yes probably the owner of one of the most gorgeous booty of our generation—sorry can’t help it , I’m a fan!) and skin lightening .

So here is a quick background on the issue, quoting from an article about “Beyonce Skin Bleaching Rumors“:


During a shopping binge in Hollywood the young diva is spotted wearing a pair of $1,021 jade suede Daffodile heels by Christian Louboutin. The media was quick and immortalized the event launching a real debate over her light skin tone. They even asked the opinion of a consultant dermatologist, Dr. Sunil Chopra, who claimed to Dailymail.co.uk that: ‘The most effective skin-lightening agents are hydroquinone and kojic acid, creams which patients apply to the skin. 


And aside from the Daffodile heels incident, the photos taken to promote her fourth album was supposedly altered/enhanced to make her skin lighter topping the 2008 L’Oreal ad white washing scandal and the list goes on.

The issue is media/netizens are slamming the artist for her much lighter tone, portraying her as sending the wrong image to other black girls , that “ lighter is better “.

Hmmmm … Is this really a case of not embracing your ethnicity?  For me personally (
leaning on the positive side of the unleashed Beyoncé on us) this is about choice! If we feel good on being lighter and we have the options to achieve it, then go for it! Let the Beyoncé on us be unleashed (confident and ready to take on the world!). Open minds people ! 🙂

Reading the article again, the consultant dermatologist mentioned hydroquinone and kojic acid, since these are “effective skin-lightening agents” . Although hydroquinone is proven to help out seekers of lighter skin, it has unacceptable health risks associated with it, so let’s strike it off our list and move on to the power of kojic acid and waalahh I have the perfect solution for us ladies (or gentleman if interested).


Kojic Acid Soap

Kojic Acid Soap

Kojic Acid Soap is derived from Kojic Acid, which is obtained from a fungi discovered in Japan. Combined with other substances and compounds, it can be used as lightening agent to the skin. It is used as a skin care product to decrease hyperpigmentation, lighten pregnancy masks or melasma and blemishes in the body PLUS it is also antibacterial and antifungal.

Kojic Acid Soap can definitely reverse skin darkening!  And in my previous researches it can be used all over the body!

While using Kojic Acid Soap, please remember to avoid using skin products that contain oxidizing agents such as peroxide, oxygen, and chlorine for these chemical agents, when used in conjunction with Kojic Soap, it might cause skin irritation.

So does Beyonce use a Skin Lightening Cream or soap? If it’s kojic soap, or kojic cream, it would be a safe and effective choice.

Achieve the skin tone that you want. You have a choice–Use Kojic Acid Soap for a smooth and lighter skin thus unleashing the beautiful and confident you!



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